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Off-Grid Camper Cafe

North America’s first and only hand-pressed espresso cafe.

‘Taking specialty coffee to the next level’

Hand-pressed espresso is a complex craft. One which empowers the barista with full control throughout the extraction process. This brew method is only for those truely dedicated to the pursuit of flavour.

Combine this with our innovative, custom built steamer design and there is more love, attention and thought dedicated to each individual cup than any ordinary cup of espresso.

‘Great coffee should be given the attention it deserves’

Devoted to the pursuit of flavour. It was essential to source a specialty coffee roaster on Vancouver Island that ethically sourced organic green beans and could develop a coffee flavour profile reminiscent of what is typically found in the cups of Australia’s best cafe’s. 

Simply described as a medium roast with a sweet, balanced and rich profile. We are proud to have partnered with Tofino Coffee Roasting Company – love and dedication to specialty coffee.

Off-Grid Camper Cafe gives a damn!

If flavour is our motive than sustainability is our rationale

Off-Grid Camper Cafe give’s a damn! As industry leaders in sustainability we are committed to making both radical and incremental changes to our business to benefit the world around us. We are proud of these initiatives:

  • Hand-pressed reduces electricity consumption by 80% (compared to a commercial espresso machine)
  • Vegan only baked-goods by Lentil Kitchen made with local flour from Vancouver Island grain and milling
  • Receive 50c off your drink when you B.Y.O cup. Help us reduce the 1.6 billion single use cups that are thrown into landfill in Canada each year.

An Aussie and a Canadian were….

Sitting at a cafe in Australia. Both impressed with our flat whites. We were inspired to bring Australian style coffee back with us to Canada. Intrigued by ‘vanlife’ at the time. We became enthused at the thought of living in a vintage van and serving espresso coffee from it. It was in that moment – Off-Grid Camper Cafe was born.