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Off-Grid Camper Cafe

We are officially open for business. If you are in Port Alberni why not drop in and say hi.

Skip the queue with Ritual

Can’t wait for Tofino? We offer drive through pickup so you can get your holiday underway sooner

Sustainable Practices

Did you know 20% of our electrical usage is solar powered? We envision operating 100% off renewable energy.

Hand Pressed Espresso

This unique method of espresso extraction is our pride and joy. Come see what all the fuss is about.

Local Ingredients

We use locally roasted coffee beans and milk from dairy farms found right here on Mid Vancouver Island.

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Our Story

Inspired to bring a piece of Australian coffee culture to Canada, Off-Grid Camper Cafe was born.

OG Hours

Temporarily Closed

The Van

Are you interested in hiring out the van for your next function or event. We are now taking bookings.